Women of color see no progress in their experiences in corporate America.

The 2021 Women in the Workplace report by Mckinsey and Co, and LeanIn.Org is available now, showing the movement forward or stagnation of the status of women in the corporate workplace in America. The report has a lot of material, food for thought for folks like myself whose life-work focuses…

Mental Health + Wellness

Can a Black woman get a break already?

My babies didn’t sleep well last night. In fact, they barely slept, on account of mosquitoes. Yes, those little buggers kept buzzing around my babies.

Because somebody forgot to close a window.

If the babies fail to sleep, neither can the mama. They’d troop into my bedroom, complaining about the…

My children can’t believe I used to walk to school barefoot.

I remembered because we—my children and I— were walking home from school. Their aunt told them, “girls, ask your mom about how she used to walk to school barefoot.”

It’s true. It’s not even all that unique, because the entire school was barefoot, except for the teachers. That was normal…

It took my co-parent, it almost took me out too.

Between Covid-19 and being a middle-aged human, it seems to be that all I hear about these days is death —our parents are dying from diseases and/or aging, friends and relatives and friends of friends are getting decimated by Covid-19…

Dr Faith Wambura Ngunjiri

Black. Woman. Feminist. Academic. Immigrant. Single Mama. Leadership Coach & Educator. https://wamburangunjiri.medium.com/membership

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