Just when you think things are really bad, they get worse!

In my last post, I was talking about being in the midst of an existential crisis…little did I know, I was going to be thrust into another type of crisis!

My sump pump decided to fail. With that came flooding, my entire lower level in my bi-level house flooded. That’s two bedrooms, family room, closets, under-stair storage, and laundry room.

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Needless to say, the last few days have been beyond stressful. Midlife crisis is now long forgotten, as I focus on this present, very real, very physical crisis. My “what am I doing here, where am I going, what is the purpose of my life” crisis had to be placed on a shelf to focus on the river flowing in my house. “Mommy, someone poured water right here” said my almost 5 year old. Thus began the craziest couple of days of our lives.

As I write this, we are comfortably ensconced in a hotel room, me, my two kids, and my two college-student roomies, two suites to be precise. Don’t get excited…by suite, I mean a bedroom + kitchenette + sofa bed set up. I won’t complain though, coz apparently, when I thought things were tough, the universe whispered ‘here, hold my beer…am about to show you it can get worse’.

So though it’s extremely inconvenient to be stuck in a hotel during the coronavirus ‘shelter in place’ disruption, I am counting my blessings. It sucks, but being grateful for the things that are going well helps me stave off the panic that threatens to overcome me. We are alright. Kids are going stir crazy, but we are alright. It sucks not to be able to walk over to the children’s museum, or go to the zoo, or even go walk around the mall and spend money we don’t have. But, we are warm, we are well fed, and we are together.

I have a habit of trying to look for whatever silver lining might exist in the midst of whatever drama I may be experiencing. The silver lining in this current disruption is that a) the house is quite well insured and b) I am not alone in this, I have help with the kids, and even more importantly c) it could have been worse. The flooding happened so fast that there is no mold, it is clean water, and even though the carpet had to be ripped out, walls cut off two feet, and a few personal belongings got soaked, it’s all covered by the ‘sump pump, sewer back up or water main break’ optional coverage on my insurance.

We might be stuck in this hotel for two or three weeks, or more. But rather than dwell on the nasty, I will continue to count my blessings, and maybe take a leaf from my kiddos who are treating this as a mini vacation. Online teaching not withstanding, we will find a way to enjoy ourselves in spite of…now, if only we weren’t expecting a snow storm the next couple of days. Why on earth am I still living in a place where you can have a snowstorm in April?

Cheer up folks. The coronavirus has us all forced to evaluate what really matters, what counts. My additional drama is just a reminder that sometimes when it rains, #^$ ! falls out of the sky. Yet, I hold on to the ‘cant see it yet but I know it’s there’ light at the end of the tunnel. I did however ask my friend, which ancestor did I forget to pour libations for that is punishing me now? She on the other hand said she’d be more likely to wonder how she’s wronged God.

Neither of those questions will lead to a fruitful resolution. Rather, I remind myself that suffering is our lot in life. So smile and bear it. This particular type of suffering, it will pass. Thankful for a great insurance agency that’s fighting to make sure I get all that I need, a wonderful mitigation company that got on the job fast before the damage got any worse — -now am just gonna hope that the contractor will come through faster than the 3–4 weeks he told me about. It’s way better to be stuck at home in this season than in a tiny hotel ‘suite’.

That’s all folks. Until next time, hopefully with better news/less drama. One can only hope :-)

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